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To make a real difference means that patients and carers, family and friends, doctors and nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians all take some responsibility for ensuring that people are confident to ask if they have an issue that is getting in the way of using medicines properly.


For patients the simplest way to get involved is to make sure that if you, your family or your friends have any issues or concerns about your medicines, no matter what they are, you should speak to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse to enable you to find a solution that most suits you. The Medicines Communication Charter is there to help and encourage everyone to feel that asking is the right thing to do. Copies of the Medicines Communication Charter will be made freely available in Community Pharmacies, Doctors Surgeries and in local hospitals.


For clinicians this means welcoming the occasionally difficult and yet always important questions about the choice, use and administration of medicines. The Medicines Communication Charter is there to support that conversation and to encourage everyone to take some responsibility. The goal is to get better value and greater benefit from the safer and more appropriate use of medicines. If you need more information and access to more resources please contact us to let us know what will be useful and helpful.


For organisations this means working with clinical leaders to enable materials and appropriate internal agreements that support staff are made available. The aim is to encourage patients and carers to better understand their role and responsibilities regarding the safe and proper use of their medicines. Through this website more material and examples of organisation wide implementation will be made available to make it as easy and as simple as possible to implement with the least interruption to the organisation and at low cost.

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