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Supporting carers to help the people they care for

17th February 2020

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Me + My Medicines has launched a new video aimed at carers. We want to raise awareness of the project and encourage them to have the confidence to ask NHS professionals questions about medicines on behalf of the people they look after.

Click on the image to play the video

The video shows how the Me + My Medicines Charter has encouraged two carers to be more involved and ask more questions about the medication prescribed to family members in their care.

Beverley, a carer, said: “Mum was 98 when she had to go in a home. The pharmacy would send repeat prescriptions, and everything would come and I realised what a waste that was because she didn’t need everything every month. So, I think if you are a carer it’s good to be more involved in their medication to see where you can avoid repeat things being sent to you”.

This video joins an existing range of resources which include two patient videos and an animation.

Lucie Osborne, Programme Manager for the Me + My Medicines project said: “This video aims to support carers and provide them with the confidence to have better conversations with an NHS Professional on behalf of the people they look after. We want to provide carers with the confidence to know ‘it’s ok to ask’.

We hope the products we’ve created will help guide patients and carers to have a more empowered conversation about their medicines with their health professional.”

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